SinEnergy Manager

The SinEnergyManager, or SEM, is a intelligent device designed to optimize the use of energy from renewable sources by maximizing the use on site.

1° in the exhibition "L'ingegno dei Pistoiesi" in the category "Green Economy, Sustainability and alternative business models"

Energy monitor and automatic management of self-produced solar electricity for on site consumption

Main Features

The Product

The SEM is a intelligent device designed to optimize the use of energy from renewable sources by maximizing the use on site.

Sem features gallery
  • The SEM is equipped with:
    • 4 relay outputs able to control loads to 230Vac, 10A, and signals of 1A - 24V AC / DC;
    • quick connections and wiring through terminal blocks;
    • LAN network port.
    • 8 relay outputs module to increase the number of controlled loads up to 12 and increase number of combinations of loads up to 20.

SEM is still able to handle up to 12 combinations of loads, so one can create more customized combinations, allowing the energy consumption to follow the daily production curve.

The SEM is equipped with a web interface easy to navigate through the menu buttons on the top of each page.

On the home page we are able to view the real-time status of the system.

The table view shows:

  • the production of the energy from renewable sources;
  • the total energy consumption of the plant to which the SEM is connected;
  • the status of the loads connected to the SEM.

The SEM is capable of storing up to 13 months of data log that can be displayed individually, in a graphical manner, directly on the History page of the web interface.

The user can also download the file for the desired month in csv format on its computer, always from the History page, . The downloaded file can then be opened with any application for managing spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel, so the user will be able to process the data according to its own purposes.

From the Loads Management page the user can easily configure its system via two simple tables.

  • Timed Loads List: in this table the user can set a mnemonic name for the load connected to each pin / relay and the rated power (or punctual if known) used by the load itself and possibly a duration in the case of a load with time program;
  • Loads Combinations: in this table the user can assign to each combination a mnemonic name and select the loads that will be part of the single combination. The system will provide the user with the estimate of the power used by the selected combination so as to make things easier for th user in evaluating the choosen combination.

From the Settings page the user can easily configure its system in four step.

  • Type of Plant: in this section the user need to select between single-phase system and three-phase system and then select the type of sensor used for the system monitoring, 20A or 100A;
  • Network Parameters: in this section the user must enter the IP address he wants to associate to the SEM and the address of the gateway of his network;
  • Daily log by e-mail: in this section the user can choose to receive a daily e-mail from the system with a short report on production and consumption of the plant; the user can enter in the system a maximum of three e-mail addresses;
  • Date and Time: in this section the user can check the synchronization of the SEM with the time on his computer and in case of discrepancies re-synchronize the system;
  • Restore: in this section the user can perform a Reset to the Device default parameters, or a Restore of a previously saved configuration.

  • How much can I save each year by installing the SEM?
  • Is it convenient to consume the energy produced by solar panels?
    • Yes, if you keep in mind that in Italy the energy purchased is paid at about 25-30eurocent / kWh and sold to the Enel grid at rates set by the authority for the energy that normally do not exceed the 10eurocent / kWh.
  • How long does it take to repay the purchase of the SEM?
    • For a 3kW system, the investment pays for itself in 1.3 years, regardless of any incentives. Considering the 50% incentive bonus for building renovations, the return on investment is 8 months. Considering the 65% bonus for energy efficiency the payback is 6 months..
  • Must be the system installed by a professional?
    • Yes. Despite the SEM is a device in low voltage and easily installed, to the end of a correct and optimal operation we suggest the customer to call qualified personnel to install the device and make any electrical connections within the network.
  • Do I have to place my SEM in a certain place?
    • The SEM is normally installed in the vicinity of the ENEL Electronic Counter in order to place the two current sensors, produced and consumed, respectively, on the cable coming from the production of energy (solar, wind, etc.) and on the cable that provides power to the home system . The SEM should be installed in a dry place and protected at least IP20 in reference to specific regulations.
  • Does my SEM require batteries?
    • No. The SEM is sold with a 9V DC adapter which will provide the necessary power to the SEM.
  • What is the consumption of the SEM itself?
    • The SEM is powered by 9V DC adapter at 1A so its consumption is about 6 wh.
  • Should I remove my SEM when I go on vacation?
    • No. Even if the production plant has been disconnected the SEM can be left connected.
  • What should I do in case of a block of my device?
    • First, try to disconnect the power to the SEM for about a minute and then reconnect it. This way a forced reboot of the SEM will be performed and that could resolve any temporary operational problems. If the problem is not resolved proceed by calling the service center .....
  • What should I do if there is a power outage?
    • Absolutely nothing, the SEM will reboot and will continue to operate as before without any problem.
  • Who do I contact in case of lock my device?
  • Does my SEM requires maintenance?
    • No, only a check on its operation, which can be done by simply logging on to the SEM web pages.
  • Can I use more than one SEM?
    • Yes. The important thing is to assign a different IP address to each SEM so that they are all reachable and do not conflict within the network.
  • Can I use the SEM with a three-phase meter?
    • Yes.There are versions of the SEM developed for use with three-phase meters.
  • Can I display the data of the past months?
    • Yes. SEM keeps memory of the last 13 months. In the "STORICO" page of the SEM, you can display online graphs of the monthly logs or download the file for that month in csv format on your computer. You can then open the file in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or similar.
  • Can I check the SEM when away from home?
    • Yes. The SEM comes with a web interface, so it can be viewed remotely if you own a public IP address after you have successfully configured your router.
  • Where can I buy the SEM?